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HCA, as an employee intermediate, has a long lasting experience with durable recruitment, selection, matching and stationing of professionals for the trade and industry. We have existed since 1999. Through personal contact, determining the intrinsic motivation of the candidate and knowing the clients company culture, customization in mediation arises.

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Local labourers for local firms


Workmanlike international employees for all-round assignments


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1982 Establishment of Hassink
1984 First shipbuilding project
1990 Office Ridderkerk
2000 Family company
2007 25 Years jubilee
2010 Start HCA
2015 Rotterdam Heijplaat
2018 Bundling forces
2020 New concept

In 1982 Hassink Marine and Industrial services BV is established by Arie Werkhoven Sr.

The first shipbuilding project is a fact at Verolme Heusden

Hassink opens its own office in Ridderkerk

The brothers Chris and Arie Werkhoven are the successors of Arie Werkhoven Sr. in the family company

Hassink exist 25 years and this celebrated with a big party

The brother Wekhoven expand their working field and start HCA project support

The movement of HCA project support from Oosterhout to Rotterdam Heijplaat harbour is a fact

HCA and Hassink are from now on both established in Rotterdam Heijplaat

The roll out of the new concept based on four pillars- local personnel, trainees, international personnel and independants



Certification means security,efficiency, engagement, trust and customer satisfaction. HCA finds it very important to meet up with the most strict certifications within the job placement. Our clients can rely on the fact that we guarantee quality.

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